5- day Life Coaching Retreat

Spending time in Morocco’s rough but beautiful nature and being away from home – taking distance from work and family,  gives you the opportunity to work out your issues.

We will walk along the Atlantic beach and through the Sidi Kaouki farmland. During these walks you will take a close look at the different aspects of your life, your goals, aspirations and dreams. You will learn new techniques to handle stress so you can overcome mental and physical challenges. Furthermore, you will get some suggestions for ‘homework’.


After this 5-Day Life Coaching Retreat you will be able to:

  • have clarity on your situation and your responsibility in it
  • have a clear view on the direction you wish to head for
  • make the choices that are needed to move forward
  • be aware of the deeper patterns that are hindering you
  • know what is needed to make an actual change
  • know where and how to ask for support, when needed

The program will  give you exactly what you need right now. You will return home rested and full of new spirit and energy – back in your own power and many steps further on your path.

Highlights of your 5-Day Coaching Retreat

  • Enjoy a holiday in relaxing surroundings while working on clarifying your dreams and goals.
  • Recharge your inner “battery”.
  • Take the time and space to quiet your mind.
  • Learn new techniques to handle stress so you can overcome mental and physical challenges.
  • Create a fresh start, by letting go of all the negative energy from the past.


During this 5-Day Coaching Retreat you will stay in  guesthouse ‘Dar Albatros’. The time in between sessions is totally yours to fill in. You can relax in the garden, chill out in one of the hammocks, stroll along the beach, visit Sidi Kaouki village or the historical town of Essaouira.