Hammam & Argan oil

Hammams and argan oil: that is basically the tradition of Moroccan well-being and art of living. The Hammam is an incredibly important part of Moroccan culture and life. Men, women and children visit their local Hammam at least once a week, often spending a couple of hours to cleanse themselves, catching up on the gossip with friends.

One of the unique rituals in Moroccan hammams is a scrub down with a scrub glove, called ‘kissa’ and traditional black soap. This soap is a pure, naturally coloured vegetable product (based on olive oil). Many times, this is followed by a full body peeling with a pack of rhassoul, finely grouned volcanic rock. This scrubbing process is also known as ‘gommage. The process ends with washing again and rubing on Moroccan Argan oil. This oil is famous for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. It protects the skin from ageing and it strengthens muscle tissue.

Argan oil
Argan oil can only be made in Morocco. The nut of its fruit contains a kernel, which, once crushed by the local women, releases an oily substance. Out of this substance, argan oil is extracted. The oil is not only for cosmetic use, it is also used in cooking for its nutty flavor – delicious in all kinds of Moroccan dishes and salads.