From Essaouira to Sidi Kaouki

By foot

Sidi Kaouki can be reached by walking along the beach from Essaouira, passing the river Oued Ksob. It is about 20 km easy walk on sandy beaches. On your way to Sidi Kaouki you can visit the lighthouse of Cap Sim, which is situated on a hill top. There is a track from the beach and from the village nearby.


Bicycle tours

By bicycle from Essaouira it is about 20 km to Sidi Kaouki Beach and there is a road from Km 8 passing Ghazoua village.


Buses to and from Essaouira

Almost every hour the LIMA BUS to Sidi Kaouki from Bab Doukkala to Essaouira (and vise versa).