The very concept of a ‘vacation’ has long been associated with riotous excess: too much eating, drinking and too little sleep in the stately pleasure palace that is a hotel. This has left too many travelers less healthy when they check out than when they checked in. Time for a new way of enjoying your holidays.

We would love to welcome you in Sidi Kaouki/Essaouira – share with you the ‘Morocco feeling’ – and to introduce you to the rich culture and beautiful surroundings.

We want to offer something new in the Essaouira area to our guests: a mindful holiday, with cultural, educative and sportive activities. In doing so, we want to make a meaningful contribution to the environment and the local community.

Recharge your batteries

Are you looking for some peace and quiet? A place to be on your own and to relax? A place where you feel pampered and spoilt?

Welcome to our retreats in Dar Albatros. A retreat means taking out time from your regular routine, leaving behind the problems of the busy materialistic world and recharge your batteries to get new energy and inspiration. During the year we organize different kind of retreats - solitary or group, highly structured or self-directed - but any retreat essentially involves getting away from your usual distractions to focus on your health and wellness.

Check out our calendar for available retreats or just contact and ask about the possibilities. Of course, it is always possible to come as an existing yoga or meditation group. You provide the program and we take care of the rest...

Just to get an idea of what we can offer:

  • * yoga
  • * mindfulness
  • * Pilates
  • * nature
  • * coaching
  • * danse
  • * art & culture
  • * Moroccan cooking
  • * wellness
  • * surf
  • * writing your biography

What our clients say about us…

"We stayed in Sidi Kaouki 3 days. We were 12 person. Everything was perfect. They help us with everything, giving us all the informations that we need and more more more. Our holidays was great, the house is better in true life respect photo on airbnb. Swimming pool super, garden wow, all the rooms clean and quite. We spend really a fantastic time, and we want to thank Caroline and Noor to host us in Sidi. We ll' come back for day!!! 100% reccomend Grazie, Andrea" - Andrea/Italy

"We had a lovely time in Dar Albatros. It is so nice to have a peaceful and quiet space, not far from the Atlantic Ocean. I will certainly come back." Christina/Bonn

For surfers

Sidi Kaouki is situated at the Atlantic Ocean, 15 kms north of Agadir and about 28 kms south of Essaouira. This small fishing village is called after a medieval saint, who is burried in the Marabout of Sidi Kaouki. For centuries, people from all over the region come to visit the shrine to pray. The village is said to have some mystical power: once you arrive, you do not want to leave again...

Up to now, the vast beaches have not lost their mystical power. Especially not for the enthousiastic surfers that come to visit Sidi Kaouki for it's perfect surf spots. In the large bay you will find enough spots to show your surfing talent on waves that can be as high as 3 meters!

Directly next to the beach you will find a surf station. There are dressing rooms and lockers in the building where you can leave your clothes, etc. You can also rent your surf gear. You will find more information on their site.

Just an impression...

Coordinates: 31°21'36"N 9°46'57"W

Dar Albatros is a tradional Moroccan country house situated inland at 10 minutes from the Atlantic shores. We can accommodate 14-16 guests. You can book individually or as a group.

During our cooking classes, you will learn how to prepare an original Moroccan tajine. But of course you can also order one! Or any other lovely Moroccan dish. Do you want to go to a restaurant in the neighborhood? We can provide you with a list of good restaurants.

Dar Albatros is accessible to individuals with reduced mobility and baby strollers/prams. Please contact us in advance to talk about your needs.